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That’s right. I said Death Eater.

If you aren’t a fan of all things dark, you better just walk away right now. Why? Because this month’s FotM was all dark, all wizardry, and all amazing.

There might be a reason why I was sorted in to Slytherin for the Hogwart’s Running Club.  This post might show you just one of those reasons.


Jealous yet?

  • Bellatrix Lestrange magnet: Because she’s fun, she wears fantastic clothes, and she’s got all the hair. I always felt like I could easily cosplay Bellatrix just by rolling out of bed with only a powernap under my belt.
  • Death Eater symbol earrings.  I’ve worn these three times already. Same response every single time from anyone who notices: Those are awesome! Who doesn’t want Harry Potter earrings?  Want your own? Here’s a link on Etsy.
  • Have you seen this wizard?  Guess what, it’s a compact. For real.  It’s the Mirror of Erised in pocket form.  No I’m totally legit here.
  • Horcrux charm bracelet.  Beause the Dark Lord asked me to protect his Horcrux’s from shabby little brat boys who can’t really do proper wizarding without his friends propping him up.  Want your own? Here’s a link on Etsy.
  • Printed drawstring bag.  We really do have both the light and dark in us.

I love this.

This month was a win.  Seriously.  Harry Potter is awesome.  And of course, before Harry Potter was “So You Want to Be a Wizard”, The Chrestomanci series, and of course, the Lord of the Rings series.  (Just to name my three favourites smaller series.  Legends of Merlin are massively extensive.)

Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger.


What’s your favourite Harry Potter or wizarding swag piece? Let me know in the comments!

Also, if you are interested, the omnibus Kindle Harry Potter series is on mega sale at Amazon for only $15.  You know you need to click here: Harry Potter The Complete Collection. (I know it says 7 pages, but I swear it’s legit.)

–Lady O