I’ve seen this floating around the blogging world, and I think it’s a good way to look back, review, and find a way to move forward.

I blog for so many reasons.  I want to keep that record for myself, yet something that my posterity can also see.  I want to share my life, for comradery does actually help.  I want to track where I was, where I am, and where I’m going.

Blog traffic is always important, though I rarely talk about it in the facts and figures.  Will I do this every month? I don’t know. Let’s see where it leads though…

Looking at January’s stats:

Pageviews – 465
Visitors – 243
Bounce Rate – 52%
Likes – 119
Blog Posts Published –16
Comments – 17
Countries Viewing – 24

Search Terms – Why doesn’t it show this as much anymore? I used to love to see the weird search terms….

Top Five Popular Posts:

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Ipsy December 2015 Glambag Unboxing
Rainbow Honey LE Annual Emotion Mystery Bag
Rainbow Honey LE Glided Angel Holiday Bag

What are my goals for February? I’d love to reach 500 pageviews and improve my retention rates. Of course, that means I need to blog which takes having time. I’ve got six unboxing blog entries ready to go, but I’m trying to find product information… It all seems to take longer than I would like and my time is quite limited this month.  Especially with two back to back conventions.

Let me know what you want more of in the comments!  What did you enjoy? What would you like to see me do different?

–Lady O