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My nail polish collection has grown to outrageous proportions. Thank you Rainbow Honey for adding to it this month!

Gold is one of the appropriate seasonal colours and RH did things right hooking us up with some amazing gold inspired items.

Be prepared to break in to Fort Knox…

Wrapped in gold tissue paper, everything feels ritzy from the get go.

  • Gilded Angel gold nail polish. Molten gold? Perhaps.
  • Greene Street Cream polish. Because you can’t get enough green and it looks awesome with yellow tones. I foresee an Oz themed nail look!
  • Gilded Angel perfume roller ball. ย Dang this cold. Not sure how it smells! I like perfume in rollerballs though.
  • Gilded Angel Cuticle Balm
  • Truffle Cuticle Balm
  • Gilded Angel Soap Bar

Are halos still gold because this looks downright heavenly.

If you want a manicure, I’m your woman!

–Lady O