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This month’s Lootcrate was another win. Of course with a theme like Galaxy, how could they go wrong? Honestly it could have been a box of NASA or ISS swag and I would have been thrilled. I love space!

December Galaxy Loot Crate

Are you for real right now????

  • BB8 Star Wars Socks: There was no way they would let this month slide without something amazing from Star Wars. The merchandising for this movie is killing it! It’s winter so those socks are so gonna be work.
  • Pop #86 Han Solo in Cold Gear: Much better than Han Solo in Carbonite.
  • Official Galaxy Quest Patch: Can we just talk about how this is probably one of the best spoof films of all time? Yes, I know Spaceballs is great, but I just like Galaxy Quest a little bit more. Maybe it is because of the fandom element? I don’t know. But this patch rocks.
  • Halo Ammo Can: With the latest game installment out, this was fantastic. I love that everything was crammed inside, too. I love Halo and killing bugs. It’s a bit like Starship Troopers and the classic Sci-fi nerd in me can rock that.
  • Ugly Sweater Galaxy Style Tee: Can we just get a woot for the fact that this month’s tee totally rocked the whole ugly sweater thing that became ultra hot this year? For real, this is awesome. Since we had an unseasonably warm holiday, this was a great choice for those themed party/work days!
  • Gold Mini Flair: another to add to my collection. It has a space craft on it. Awesome.

Galaxy is awesome. They hit a good variety of space themed fandoms and I’m impressed. There’s not a single thing I questioned in this crate. Bonus points is that my ammo can protected everything from the torrential downpour. The box was a complete loss.

What’s your favorite space themed fandom?

-Lady O