It is said we are in the age of  the entrepreneur. I’m not sure if that’s truly the case or not, though more people are seeking avenues towards success today that differ greatly from years past.  

More than half of startups fail within five years.  That number is on the rise.  It takes a great deal of effort, thought, ingenuity and hard work to start and run a successful business.  It’s not a path that should be taken lightly.

The greatest problem facing a novice to the business world is genuine lack of know-how.  Anyone can start a business, but should they?  No.  It is a widely successful and fulfilling choice for some, and utter misery and failure for others.

That is the beauty of humanity.  We can adapt.  Sometimes we find success and fulfillment where we never thougth we could. We are all different, with a wide variety of strenths and weaknesses and needs.

How do you choose for yourself? Study.  Time.  Understanding of your own self.  I think the hardest is likely that last.  We think we know ourselves.  Really, we should know ourselves better than anyone else.  We live with ourselves every day of our lives and there is no escape.  However, we lie to ourself all the time.

Buisiness is like swimming with the sharks.  We might think we are a shark, but are we? Do we have what it takes to put in the sleepless nights? To live with no money as we reinvest every dime earned? The determination to not only create something, but then to build it and watch it grow? Do we have the ability to delegate, once we can no longer manage on our own?

Am I shark? I don’t even really like the water. Or the beach.  I tend to sit over here on my mountain and surround myself with trees.

Interestng thoughts.

–Lady O