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To go along with yesterday’s post about my January activity round up, I thought I would continue the theme!  I have a friend who’s goal each year is to become one step closer to Ninja.

I can dig that. Who doesn’t want to reach Ninja status?  Right?

There’s a lot of diffrent ways to become a ninja.  First, you need to work out.

Do it your style…

Even nerds can exercise:

Oh you know I’m doing that 5k. I joined Slytherin House in the Hogwarts Running Club. Why? Dude, we have Snape. (RIP Alan Rickman)

To become Ninja might sound crazy to others:

And it is hard work:

You need to study and expand the mind:

Be prepared to fight anyone:

And remember to always challenge yourself:

Most of all, keep moving forward:

What helps you become more Ninja? List your Ninja goals in the comments!

–Lady O