It’s winter and I hate winter. It makes my joints hurt, the weather is too foul to go outside, and I have zero motivation to move. I personally wonder why humans don’t take up hibernation, like bears. It could work. Totally.

For Christmas I got one of those nifty smart watches. First of all, I got the uber girliest watch of all time. People totally know me and I dig that! THANK YOU!  It’s rose gold (Squeeee – I hate yellow gold but Rose/Black Hills/White are gorgeous.) with a lavendar band.

That’s right people. Pink and purple.  Booyah!  So of course I threw on the Mickey Mouse (Why no Minnie?) face and rolled with it.

Super Girl Watch Powers – ACTIVATE!

One of the reasons I wanted something of this nature is to encourage me to move more. The arthritis is so bad throughout all my joints, the Reynaud’s is kicking my butt in two seasons, and I still have this undiagnosed auto-immune disorder and I know this means I need to be more vigilant in my movement.

Enter the tracker on my watch.  I actually love watching my circles fill.

 You can tell where we ended up with a blizzard and I was inundated with work.  However, I filled all my circles for 2/3rds of January! I even went over sometimes! HUZZAH!

For the record, I also got these awesome new shoes and they are so comfy.  I love wearing them.  While they don’t really help me not be in pain, I can defintely go longer without wanting to keel over because of my feet.  I’ve grown accustomed to the fact that I will just always be in a certain level of pain, especially if I do more than x-amount of movement. It just makes me aggravated because I like to be on the go. 

I call the shoes my “Go” shoes.  I defintely use them if I’m walking a convention all day – not in costume.  Can we just say here how awful cosplay footwear is? I need to just start playing barefoot characters and tell hotels to sod off.  (That’s a thing, right? No? Dangit.)

January miles walked overall: 68.09
January workout miles: 25.11
Days on Elliptical: 17
Days for Outside Walk: 3

I did try a new exercise class and it was AWESOME.  I took a piyo class and I want to do that again.  My goal is to go twice in February to beat out January.

February’s goals: I want to try for 70 miles, but with two less days, that’s going to be rough.  Let’s see how close I get!  I also want to fill in more than 2/3rds of my circles!

I even did well for the first half of January tracking my food.

What are your workout goals? How did you do in January and what do you want to change in February?

–Lady O