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I recently went to The Original Quilt and Sew Expo, an annual tradition for Joram’s birthday. I love seeing what is considered new in products, fabrics, machines, and garment making!

Among other things, I threw my name in for a drawing for a scissor set… and I won it!  The Famore Cutlery Appliqué “IT” Kit of scissors complete in travel case is now mine! This comes with lifetime sharpening as well, which is pretty exciting!

Isn’t that gorgeous?

One part of good craftsmanship is knowledge and skill, the other part is having quality tools and supplies.  I rarely have the money for such a large purchase, so winning this kit was amazing.

It was also fairly funny.  I took my lovely friend, Kat, for her first time at the Expo.  The vendor wanted a new person to pull the card and held the box way over her head to pull from.  After she pulled a card, I asked, “You pulled my name right?” We laughed and the vendor opens the card and reads… my name! What? We nearly die laughing and he’s like, “This never happens!” Definitely never happens with me.

Of course, this meant selfie time! He snuck a kiss on my cheek while snapping the photo!

I’m really excited to try these scissors out and learn how to use some of them.  I picked up a couple of appliqué kit projects so as to have something to make. I know that appliqué is super hot right now, and it can be quite enjoyable. No worries, I’ll blog as soon as I have the time to sit down and start a new project.

The kit includes:

Curved Titanium EZ Snips
Mini Duck Billed Applique Scissors
Angled Serger Style Tweezers
Curved Scissors
Curved Fine Point Scissors
Embroidery Scissors
Wooden case with foam cut outs for each pair of scissors.
Lifetime sharpening

Not a bad deal, especially for free.  I’m really excited and feeling blessed.  I have not truly had a chance to give these babies a workout so I don’t have a decent review for you dear readers yet. Trust me, that will come! I will say these cut fabric beautifully, leaving my Fiskars in the dust.  (Sorry Fiskars, I still love you.)

Of course, just a couple weeks earlier I finally broke down and bought my very first pair of Storks by Gingher for me… but that’s OK.  I was also lamenting not being able to afford large Gingher scissors. The Storks are even smaller than these so will serve their place in my toolkit, plus I consider Storks a necessary toolkit item.

I’ve reached a certain age and skill-set where I just feel like I deserve quality.  Thanks to Famore Cutlery, I’m well on my way! Your customer service at the Expo and on Social Media is beyond amazing and I’m excited to work with you on my future endeavors. Thank you, again!

–Lady O

–I am receiving nothing for writing this blog entry, however they gave me the lovely scissors for free, so it’s the least I can do! 🙂