I really love to use Pinterest for inspiration and research.  As a costumer, I like to keep ideas organized for various periods with clothing, hair, and makeup options.

Now, I’ll admit, my attempts at some of these make-up creations should end up on FailBlog. Generally speaking, though, my problem is that whatever I try does not end up as vibrant or my shaky and joint-issuey hands revolt at the idea. Shame.

I kind of want to go to classes to learn how to do the more specialized stuff.  I have done them in the past and it was awesome. Somewhere I have a photograph of me in Cats makeup. That was an awesome workshop.

Today I wanted to share some fun ideas I’ve pinned because they make me happy or I want to try them.

Dang but that’s awesome. I hope to do some sci fi something one day. This will be my makeup.  Legit.

I feel like this could be a little bit of cosplay for the workday.  Note: I tried it, and the greens were not as bright. I need better greens I think.

A lot of work, but totally awesome. I have ideas…

I recently did a Batgirl Sailor Scout. I liked this makeup but couldn’t quite pull it off.  I like the Cosplay, but I don’t think it conveyed as well, either.  I thought this makeup would make a great alternative to a mask… I went a different route instead. I still think this would be better.

Not gonna lie – I seriously debate this for the new Star Wars movie. If I don’t go as Satele Shan.

The cold never bothered me anyway…

Long before Elsa made her popular again… every costumer has done the Snow Queen.  (OK, I actually haven’t… I feel like maybe I can escape this? Maybe?)

Or go as a sea monster.

Finally, for some Avengers style fun:

I hope this sparked some ideas for you as we draw closer to Halloween. Let me know what makeup inspirations you love and what you’re doing for Halloween!

–Lady O