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It’s Halloween weekend everyone!  This is hands down one of the best holidays of the year.  (And the fact that it’s immediately followed by a “Half-Priced Chocolate Day” is just bonus.)

Living in Virginia, so close to Richmond and Baltimore, it should come as no surprise that I grew up with Edgar Allan Poe tales.  Knowing my goth and nerdy self, it should also come as no surprise how much I love Poe’s work.

I can’t even remember how old I was when I first watched Vincent Price’s special reading of “The Raven”.  Little, that’s about all I have for you.  Thanks to the glories of YouTube, I can watch it whenever I want.

*Secret: I maybe watch this several times a year. Yeah I like it that much. No judging! You know I’m all dark…*

This week, I’m bringing you an extra special treat.  Instead of just prattling on about something I’ve read, I’m just going to link you to the video.  Why? Because it’s just that freaking awesome! Plus, it’s Halloween weekend.  Time to get your spook on!

Even though the video quality isn’t that great, all I have to say is that the tell-tale sign of a good actor: This freaking still is powerful 40-odd years later! I 💜💜💜 you, Vincent Price!

Enjoy. You really should read more of the classics.  Things just aren’t written this way anymore!

–Lady O