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I decided to try a couple of new subscription boxes this month to satiate my lack of girly items in the other boxes.  My thought process was, if I don’t like the items, it’s not that much and I have gifts for the holidays for my friends. It could work right? So check out the first of my arrivals!

Gamer Girl Monthly: Magic

  1. Silver Final Fantasy Black Mage Earrings – Yo, those bad boys are already on my ears. Because dude… freaking I wanna be a black mage. I don’t do getting dirty.  I’m either a healer or a blaster in all games.
  2. Zelda Triforce Bracelet – Freaking not losing any pieces of the Triforce here. My kids and I take that stuff seriously. (Check out Caramon’s attempt to protect Triforce pieces.)
  3. Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Necklace – “Always” with the “A” turned into the Deathly Hallows symbol.  Unfortunately this came in broken. Shame because that’s awesome! I guess that’s the risk with laser cut perspex. It goes get a little thin with that script 😦 They say if something is damaged, they’ll replace it. I am about to test that out. Note: They responded quickly to my email and are substituting! Wow! Best Customer Service!)
  4. Tattify Zelda Royal Crest Temporary Tattoo. Average cost: $5
  5. Tattify Elements Nail Wraps: Fire, water, lightning, wind, and ice. How many different games/mythos/shows can these wraps rock? All of the things. Average cost: $8
  6. Mini-flair with the Black Mage to add to my small collection. Woot.  I really need to find something to display these on. I’ve lost probably half my Loot Crate mini-flairs.
  7. Blue satin drawstring bag with… Black Mage. Forget you people, my counters are going in that! Or maybe my runes. Sound off in the comments!!

End result: Amazeballs.  Simply awesome.  The monthly base subscription is $13 and I figure I got more than my money’s worth.  I couldn’t find cost estimates for most of these items, however the two Tattify products would regularly price at $13, so there you go.  I figure each of the pieces of jewelry run roughly $10 each.

Not a bad deal for nerdy jewelry. Considering all my jewelry wearing anymore is nerdy (unless I’m on set), I needed a new resource and GGM not only fit the bill but they knocked it out of the galaxy!

–Lady O