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It’s just your typical Sunday morning around Casa Oz.  I’m debating what skull skirt to wear and while two teen boys raid the kitchen and empty cabinets of food before Church. Little did we know an epic battle would soon ensue.

It started with Caramon.  He spent a hard week training, hoping to hone those parkour skills, working out at the gym so he can impress all his lady friends, and overachieving the Eagle Scout thing by performing not one but two service projects the day before.

It’s just how he rolls, people.  He’s 16 and he’s just epic that way.  Kind of like how his mom is pretty dang epic herself.

I guess it takes quite the toll on a teen body because he says he’s not feeling well.  I told him he could stay home and rest up, figuring he just needed some more sleep and left with Joram for Church.

That’s where things went a little weird.

It’s Sacrament time, and the young men are doing the whole Priesthood thing, passing this and letting us worship and contemplate all that great religious stuff. I’m getting my holy on when my phone starts buzzing.  Thank goodness I set it to stun before services started.

1-800???  I’ll admit, I’m way too close on my data expenditure for the month after that trip to Atlanta for Haven Conference so I’ve tried to not use my phone a whole lot most of August.  My initial thought, Verizon’s trying to hook me up so I don’t get charged for overages. (Thank goodness my month starts over tomorrow!)

Only the people are absolutely relentless. They really want to talk to me! Who doesn’t, right?

I duck out as soon as I can and listen to a voice mail left by a heavily accented woman.  Turns out, my alarm company registered something… involving the smoke detector. That’s not creepy in the least with a kid at home!  I’m hanging up to attempt to call them back when Caramon rings me.

He’s a little worried about the whole thing.  Turns out, he wanted to shower to see if that would make him feel better.  As he opened the door from his bathroom, he heard the alarm go off.  He said he went through the whole house, which was fully locked at the time, with his sword but saw nothing out of the ordinary.

After not reaching me, the alarm company attempted to contact Caramon.  They wanted to send out the firemen and Caramon tried to tell them it was OK, but couldn’t remember our safe word and didn’t know if it was legit and was just a little weirded out.  Poor guy.

So the firemen show up.  A simple investigation left them with blaming the steam from the shower triggering the alarm. Who knew?

Or so we’d have you believe.  Caramon told the real story on his Facebook wall.

Read his story on Page 2. Trust me, you wanna click!