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The day after Labour Day brings much rejoicing throughout the land. School begins, parents breathe a sigh of relief, and the yellow school busses fill the roads. Drivers become wary of school zones and kids groan as it is time for pencils, notebooks, lockers, and gym.

For a growing subculture the rejoicing is for different reasons. It’s the first day of school for you, but it’s Not Back To School for us!

We reclaim the museums, the libraries, and the parks. Less crowds, less tourists, less heat – all things that drive people away from fun get aways with the kids.

Our annual NBTS picnic is something we look forward to all year. My large homeschool group gathers at the same park annually. My boys head up field games and hikes for the younger children. Families take class photos. Moms visit. We share our upcoming curriculum ideas, swap unwanted items, nosh on picnic goodies, and fellowship with those that understand our homeschooling weirdness.

Mostly we just revel in homeschool joy. It is like three hours of recess for the kids and the moms alike.

I haven’t seen my friends in months and I look forward to seeing how the kids grew, hearing their newest ideas, and just enjoying some lovely outdoors weather.

No matter if today represents “Back to School” or “Not Back to School”, I hope that your day is glorious! How can mine be anything but, I’m at the park for a hookey day!

–Lady O