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Nothing like getting books to review.

Even better is nerdy books to review.

And even better than that? Children’s nerdy books to review!

How it started: I reviewed the way awesome adult (not that kind of adult!) picture book, Zombie Cat.  Next thing I knew, boom, I heard from the artist! As it turns out, the author and artist teamed up on a new book, this time actually for kiddies. I was instantly in love.

I’m not sure how the photo I took of this book vanished, but it did. Boohoo. So I just reposted it:

Well I expected that one. I did not expect the one that showed up today:

What? Someone mad a picture book about Curiosity? And the amazing artist, Bethany Straker illustrated it? Who knew, but I loved her Zombie Cat and on first flip through of Smelly Ghost I liked what I saw. Flipped through A Curious Robot on Mars, and well, same thing!

Watch for these reviews on an upcoming Friday.  I’m going to try to find a group of kiddies to read these books to before I review, but if I can’t, I’ll review them anyway.  (I meant to at the Not Back to School Party yesterday for Smelly Ghost, but it just didn’t work out. The park called the kids away.)

–Lady O