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As I mentioned in a video post last week, I want to focus more on graphics design and better use of visual media.  I picked up a few books, found some tutorials, and signed on for a challenge over the next few months.

This is what homeschoolers do. “Not back to school” is a bit of a misnomer.  Each month/semester/whatever, we choose to delve into things.  Thankfully, with the use of the internet, online classes, OpenCourseware, and tutorials, we find great ways to learn all sorts of things!

A lot of elements go into design, and I’m going to talk about several of them here. I chose to seek propaganda posters, pamphlets, logos, and infographics for inspiration and compile ideas on Pinterest.

This week, I could be serious or I could focus on the fact that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns for Season 3 next week.  Please. S.H.I.E.L.D. it is!


The slightly off-horizon alignment of each item in this propaganda poster gives a visual connection as everything follows the parallel. Furthermore, the soldier looks up, leading the eye from the words below to the Hydra symbol above, while the Hydra hides in the background, flanking the center of this work.  What’s best is that by the soldier looking up, this gives the viewer a sense of hope.  Hydra offers hope through it’s vice grip of control and demand for complete compliance.


This poster, in it’s simplicity, relies heavily on the variations of light and dark.  The mottled background is various grades of the same color.  The large hydra is an even darker value, while the words “hail hydra” are very light.  Our eyes are drawn to the words, almost missing the hydra itself.


The repetition in this propaganda photo falls in with the even rows, the soldiers, the uniforms, and the salute. I like it because it shows the uniformity of compliance forced upon those who work within the Hydra organization. Order is comforting, and people feel drawn towards it.  Repetition means a certain predictability that makes people feel safe.  This speaks to how Hydra will provide all those things.


There are at least four obvious examples of a three rhythm in this piece.  The military men, in orderly lines at the base of the poster form a rhythm of identical spacing.  The radio signal emanating from the hydra-eye of Red Skull is an interval of ever increasing size.  Finally, as you go from the shadowed side of Red Skull, you have regular lines, almost as if that’s darkness rising like the sun. There’s also two irregular rhythms in this piece.  The first is in the hydra tendrils on each side of Red Skull and the second following the red and black contrasting lines on the lit side of Red Skull’s face.

And finally, because I personally defy forced compliance and people’s control-obsessed insanity because I’m not a well-behaved woman:


There’s a simplicity in the asymmetry in this poster.  The hydra angles towards the right while the slogan angles towards the left.  These two angles are at odds as they cross one another out. Likewise, the message is one of non-compliance.  Hydra chooses to force compliance, which this piece defies.  There shall be no compliance, and that loss of control constitutes a threat to Hydra’s careful order.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s pins.  More importantly, tune in next week for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. so you can enjoy more Marvel Comics goodness.  Marvel, you’re doing it right.

-Lady O

*Note: All images are source linked properly off the Pin with the exception of one that I could not find outside of the google search.