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It’s taken me a while to get through this series, living off wait lists at the library.  Long wait lists generally speaks to the popularity of a series, so while it proves frustrating for a reader to wait, there’s a lot of hope for a book.

My basic feeling after reading “Divergent”: That was not as enjoyable a read as it will make a movie. The movie should be great!

I felt as though the author wrote the book specifically for a movie, either in hopes of selling a screenplay or to act as companion novel to a movie.  I watched the movie.  I was right, the story made for an excellent movie.  Queue Basic Training montage now, please.

My question after reading “Divergent”: Why is no one addressing the elephant in the room, what the heck is going on outside of the walls of Chicago?

Allegiant on Goodreads

Allegiant on GoodReads

My basic feeling after reading “Insurgent”: The story is actually getting interesting now, but really you made me wait until the very end to ask the question of “What’s going on outside the walls of Chicago?”

Read on for the actual review. Warning, there may be some level of spoilers!