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Finally, I managed to come up on the wait list for “Allegiant”! I ended up with the audiobook format, which worked well.  I spent a lot of hours in the car last week, so I burned right through the book.  The added benefit to the audiobook – two readers.

I know a lot complained about this final book because the author chose to alternate voice between the two characters of Four and Tris. This can so often backfire and confuse a reader.  I’ve seen it done successfully and poorly.  I think the author did a fine job, though at times I did not truly see a need for this when third person omniscient could adequately suffice.  However, in a case of multiple POV, an audio done with a “cast” helps alleviate a lot of that confusion. The readers sounded great, even at my typical 2x speed. (I like my readings to sound more like conversations, not lull me to sleep. I call it “jackrabbit” mode.)

I found joy as we truly explored what was outside the Chicago walls.  The Star Trek fan in me giggled at the thought of the Eugenics Wars of the 1990’s. Not going to lie here, people – I wanted Khan to show up. In the movie, I’d love to see Data… I mean Brent Spiner… in the movie.

Let’s discuss the final elephant – the ending. As there are those who choose to only watch the movies, I will not fully state what happened so as to avoid spoilers for this winter. THE BIG EVENT at the end really outraged readers, and I get that.  No one wants to see that.  We like to read to get shiny, happy endings.  That doesn’t always happen.  Sometimes the person with cancer dies.  Sometimes the person who’s just come around gets hit by a truck and dies.  Sometimes the villain wins.  It was refreshing to see that even the main characters could have tragedy, things not working out with a pretty little bow, and follow real life with all it’s downs as well as ups.

I liked the ending.  Veronica Roth dared to be different.  She dared to defy the norm.  And you know what? Everything still worked out in the end.  The dystopian society began to see some progress towards healing.  That rocks. That way rocks. It might cause some tears, but sometimes it is our grief and endings that make us rise from the ashes to be greater still.

“Allegiant”, proving that a phoenix can and will live.

–Lady O