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Subscription boxes are all the rage these days. It’s like the old school grab bags, only you get them on a fairly regular basis instead of just as a one off thing and they come right to your mailbox! Each month you get little surprise packages! Exciting!

There’s a subscription box for just about anything you could want. I wish I could subscribe to more to share, but here’s just a few of the ones I partake in.


This month's #subscriptionbox from #nerdblock

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Here’s a couple of recent boxes I received from Nerdblock. Most months I get a tee-shirt, and I request the girl-cut so it’s a little more flattering to my frame. I’ve loved some of my fun tees and cute pop vinyls. I never know what I’m going to get, but I generally like at least one or two things.   For example, who doesn’t want a Ghostbusters containment device lunch box?

#nerdblock #august shipment

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#Unite! #lootcrate for May!!! All the #avengers swag!!!

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One of the things I like about both this and Nerdblock is the occasional comic books! I love comic books and they get special variant covers, which is cool.

What happens when I don’t like something?  This happens often, especially as my biggest complaint with both of these is that there’s not a lot of “girl” themed items.  In fact, I’ve seen guest packers, especially with Lootcrate, which is an idea I absolutely LOVE!  However, there’s never any women selected.  Where’s Felicia Day?

Interested in this one? Subscribe with my link here!

April #fantasy #lootcrate

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Marvel Collector Corps

This is a new subscription box that started this year. It only comes every other month and I’m looking forward to my trophy next year for being an initial subscriber! That’s a pretty neat idea actually.

Each box is basically the same: A patch, a pin, a tee, and a Pop Vinyl. Sometimes there’s an extra vinyl, or a comic.  Simple, fun, and I love that we are working our way through the various Avengers and the first few boxes went with the movies. Cool tee for movie debut? Yes, please.  Warning, their first few boxes have shipped rather slow and my last one gave me a 2x tee for some reason.  I’m a lot of things, but 2x is not one of them.

#marvel #collectorcorps #secretwars shipment

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Come back next week when I talk about my Beauty Boxes!

–Lady O