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This week I’m going to show off what I got in my various subscription boxes for October.  These grab-bag style shipments are all the rage, and I probably should have started this months ago.  Last month I did two catch-all posts – one for my nerdy boxes and the other for my beauty boxes.

I do not have enough money or space for all the boxes I’d love to get. It’s silly and frivolous, but I’m anti-shopping and it’s kind of nice to get little treats throughout the month. I’m a mom with two fantastic boys, but let’s just be frank – gifts and “surprises” are fairly scarce.  It’s OK and I’m used to it, but this is a fantastic way to get that, especially when you’re a single mum.  Plus, the boys think it’s kind of fun as well.

What I love about Ipsy is that it’s filled out my make-up.  I think I mentioned before, I completely lost my make-up bag in a move and that’s tragic. Especially since I need make-up when I’m acting/costuming. Hello?  Ipsy ships once a month, you get cute zipper pouches, and five items that range from sample to super-sample to full size.  Also, you can collect points by referring people (click that Ipsy link!) and reviewing your items, thus getting more goodies in your bag for no additional cost.

Also, Ipsy runs three specials a week, Tuesday-Thursday for even more goodies.

October 2015

Theme: Alter-Ego

For something themed, “Alter-Ego” this seems rather conservative.  I know “natural” is all the rage right now, but I expected something with a little more flair.  That’s OK, I much prefer a natural look myself, anyway, though I’m trying to get out of that mode and be a bit more daring.

Item 1: Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick by The Balm .04 oz size.  Full-size is .219 oz/ 6.5 mL for $17.  Color: “Committed”  Estimated value: $3.50

Goes on like lip gloss, feels like lipstick.  Which is odd, but not sticky like lip gloss so that’s made of the win.

Item 2: Exotic & Spicy Eau de Parfum by Aromachology .12 oz size.  Full-size is 3.4 oz for $100. Estimated value: About $3.50?

Seriously, this stuff was awful.  I don’t think I could get someone to take it if I paid them. I’m sensitive to smells, but no one liked this in my house.

Item 3: IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Clinically Proven  5-in-1 Mascara .16 oz size.  Full size tube is $24.  I believe this is about a third the size, but I found this size on Amazon for only $9, so Estimated value: $9.

I’m actually digging this mascara more than any mascara ever before.  I have long and thick lashes. Me and mascara do not get along. This is great, natural, doesn’t goop, and the wand lid has a soft padding that is fantastic.

Item 4: Touch In Sol Mini Browza Super Proof Gel Brow Pencil in .02 oz size. Color: Mink Wink. Cost: $19

Creamy and soft and a great colour. I have thick brows so this will likely be an eyeliner for me.

Item 5: Hey Honey Come Clean Propolis & Minerals Facial Scrub in .5 oz size. Full-size is 2.2 oz for $23. Estimated cost: $5.

*Sigh* I have sensitive skin. This wasn’t as bad as other things, but there was a little burning and slight red.  I mean my skin is really sensitive. No cleanser likes it. I tend to make my own all natural water based cleaners. Don’t take my review for anything.

Estimated Value: $40 plus the bag.
Cost to me: $10

Here’s a Look of the Day from Friday – all make-up from my Ipsy bags!

–Lady O
*Reviewed on my blog for my own personal blogging.  Reviewed on Ipsy’s website for points.