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Last week I wrote about my Nerdy Subscription Boxes. I promised a post on my beauty shipments and so here goes!

I’m not a huge makeup person, but I lost my makeup bag and that took everything with it.  Even my vampire fangs which is probably what made me the maddest.  Those teeth were custom to my teeth.


A while back, a friend talked me into giving Ipsy a whirl. The cost is a whopping $10 and you get a travel sized zippered bag and some makeup. What I like is that it’s inexpensive but good products and a mixture of super sized samples, samples, and full sized items. I now have a ton of makeup and I’ve gotten to try out items I’d never have tried before! To top it off, everything comes packaged in this awesome bright pink shipping bag! Pink FTW!

I’ve picked up all kinds of items from the best tweezers I’ve ever had, nail polish, eye shadow, hair products, etc.  You can also get points for reviewing and sharing to earn extra free items and they offer great sales Tuesday-Thursday each week.  Each month has a theme (September was “Face Fashion”) and I enjoy that.  Also, they feature a plethora of videos utilizing products to learn and gain inspiration from. Joining the website is more than getting a mystery bag of goodies, it’s a learning experience.

Best of all, I’ve found uses for each of these little zipper pouches.  The September one worked perfectly to hold all my brushes on the go! I love brushes.

Espionage Cosmetics

I took part in Espionage Cosmetics second “Nailed It” Kickstarter which gave me the opportunity to take part in the beta of their future subscription boxes.  These were mostly nerdy nail wraps, but with a few other goodies.  Glitter is the new black! This was the final shipment:

Rainbow Honey

I discovered Rainbow Honey through comment dialogue on my Facebook.  They are nerdy inspired nail polishes and other things.  They have a “Mystery Bag” that you can subscribe to for only a few months or you can purchase them alone each month.  If you reach a shopping threshold, they send you the Mystery Bag for free! Even better is the Mystery Bag comes in two sizes, so you can get the small which is more sample sizes or the full size bag.  The same products, just depends on what size you want.

This is the September Mystery Bag. I really like it! Should I get the Halloween one?

This is the September Mystery Bag. I really like it! Should I get the Halloween one?

I’ve only gotten this September Mystery Bag, but it was a lot of fun. I love nail polish because my nails suck.  The September Mystery Bag, featured “Magic World” is still available.

In the end, the shipments have been a lot of fun and I feel like I’ve gotten to sample some great products.  Most of all, I’ve learned a lot and have enjoyed getting back into the beauty game.

Leave me comments and tell me what you think! Would you like me to feature more reviews of these types of things? What would you like to know?

–Lady O