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Yesterday, I posted a set of quote memes I made after the Saturday Morning session of the General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Since I’m working a bunch of different angles to work on my graphic design to improve my skill set and expand my mind. I wanted to work with a different software, a more robust software, so I went straight to Adobe.

I’ve worked with other Adobe software in the past, but this is really the first chance at my disposal to work with some of their other options, and I chose to work with Illustrator.

Was this the right choice? I don’t know. I selected Illustrator solely for the “Touch Type Tool”.  You can access this with a SHIFT-T and what it allows you to do is to adjust things letter by letter in a word. I thought this was an amazing option for further customization, and I wanted to explore it more.

Never fly into a thunderstorm

I used a background of a bird flying away from a stormy sky. I liked the contrast of dark and light, plus the bird symbolized not only the flight spoken of, but just how natural it should be to avoid that which is dangerous. I made the word “Never” larger than the rest with the letter V the largest of all as it’s as though it represents the bird trying to escape the storm.

Fonts used:

Font used: Phosphate.

Reach up.

Elder Hales also spoke about how to have more than we currently have at our disposal. I love to say, “Look up, get up, reach up, help up.” (Or some combination thereof.) This hand is more reaching out, yet there’s the hint of a movement “up”. The eyes are drawn upwards towards the words, and I liked that.  I used the line tool with an ellipse to underline “reach up” for added emphasis. I like that tool!  I used that touch type tool to make the E and H in Elder Hales title/name slightly larger than the rest of his name.

Fonts used: Big Calson Medium with Marker Felt for emphasis.

Scripture study opens doors

The last that I created came from Elder Martino. When I first put this text together, I selected where I wanted my line breaks with the enter key. I then made two lines a script, to show the beauty of both “scripture study” and “open doors”. However, the line spacing between these phrases and the line above was quite large. I could not figure out any other way to adjust that, so back to my new touch type tool I went! I moved each letter individually!

Fonts used: Apple Chancery and Big Calson Medium

That Touch Type Tool allows you to make each individual letter larger, smaller, shifted in place, and you can even rotate it! That’s a robust tool!

Once I had a basic template in AI, things went fairly quickly.  Next AI post, I’ll talk about my template. For now, sound off in the comments and tell me what you think! Also, share the love if you so desire.

–Lady O