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Greetings, lovelies!

This past weekend was the semi-annual General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love this event!  As one of the prolific and active long-time tweeters of the event, it takes me a bit to prepare for it, and it leaves my hands in quote a state of paralysis due to my arthritis and auto-immune disorder. I find this totally worthwhile, because I have such good responses to my work from others and I personally gain more from the activity than if I did not tweet.

In the last few conferences, I’ve tried to join in with making memes/word art from the quotes. I try very hard to ensure my quotes are accurate, but on the fly without the text in front of me, I am sure that I sometimes fail in this. It’s a different outlet for creativity and sharing, and I enjoy it! I typically use the twitter app on my Macbook, Notes, and my phone! I work too slow in Photoshop and I never used InDesign until last week’s Bible verse. 

I’m willing to take recommendations on how to improve my workflow, be organized, and etc.

For this session of Conference, I primarily used an app called PicCollage on my mobile. My workflow is fairly quick, though my complaint is I don’t have more control over my text. It’s a bit of a pain if I want to do multiple things.

Now that you’ve had my intro, continue on to Page 2 for today’s memes!