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So here’s my memes from the First Session.  Please comment!

First, though it’s technically from the Second Session, I feel as though I should begin with my welcome to our great new Apostles!

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#ldsconf new three apostles!!!

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Three at one time is not common, in fact the last time we welcomed three was over 100 years ago! Wow! I look forward to learning more about these men!

I love President Uchtdorf. What can I say, he speaks directly to me. Every. Single. Conference.

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Love #ldsconf

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I think my name is a little too big in this one. I try to always ensure my watermark is on a meme I make so that people know who created it! I love to see my stuff shared.

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Center on Christ #ldsconf

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I love the potter’s wheel here! As soon as I heard this, I knew what I wanted! Center your life on Christ, he’s the Master. It’s amazing to me how His hands can craft us into beautiful works of art that are also useful as we go and serve other people.


I tried to play with fonts and use two different fonts in this one. I like it, but it was really difficult to work with it in PicCollage. As I said before, this is the one thing I wish I could have more control over.

I would give more information on the fonts, but there’s so few in there and it’s hard to check which ones i used. If I do something in the future that’s not so crammed for time, I’ll try to take notes, but don’t expect a lot on this front during Conference.

I will say that I tried to utilize no more than two fonts per picture. I attempted to be careful that if there was a Serif font, I didn’t utilize another one or something that was decorative. I tried to ensure the quote attribution was slightly smaller than the quote. I tried to keep my name fairly plain and in a corner.

Share your thoughts! Meanwhile, come back because I’m doing this all week! Feel free to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.

–Lady O