I’m on a quotes kick.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve made for the recent General Conference from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In case you’ve missed them, here’s links:

There’s still more to come as I work through more of this fall’s Conference. As always, hit me up in the comments and/or on Facebook (subscribe to my FB page).

I don’t just love quotes from Mormons. I have always been a fan of quotes and what they say to me. I started my first quote journal in high school, and now I have massive quote pin-boards at Pinterest.

For instance:

Life is hard. We all have ups and downs.  Mine seems pretty extreme, but you know what’s healthier and better than wallowing in misery? Being happy.  Even when life is hard, you should be able to find something each day that’s good.  Sunrise? A TV Show? Hot chocolate? A smile from a passer-by?

I’m just about the most imperfect person around. Seriously. I totally suck at life. For some reason, people are always seeking my advice and help or telling me that I’ve inspired them in some way. I don’t get it. However, I try to be authentic.  I am imperfect and my life is crazy. I think there’s a power in being authentic and letting people see you as a real person and how you handle everything. I’m inspired greatly by people like that.

I really try to be positive. I’m not kidding when I say that you can always find something good.  I do not think any day is completely lost. Find the positivity!

So seriously, it’s always possible to be kind. I know that we get tired or really into the mode of what we are trying to do. There’s always something you can do to be kind to another person. You’d be surprised at how far just a smile or a thank you can go when said to the right person. There’s always someone that just needs that. Be that person for them.

This just says it all.

Clearly I’m in a good mood writing this and finding the “shiny” is easy today. So I challenge each of you reading this to comment and tell me one “shiny” that happened today and/or your favorite quote! (I’m always looking for more quotes for my quote journal/quote board!)

–Lady O