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I bet you thought I forgot… I didn’t. I’ve just been super swamped and really working hard on these. I also liked the idea of bookending the work week with General Conference quotes.

Here’s a little something to take you into the weekend. Mine’s already getting pretty full, and that just sounds about like my life these days! However, I’m trying to remember President Uchtdorf’s advise to “Simplify”.  We’ll see how well that works out because I feel like my “to-do” list is about 100 miles long.

In case you missed my previous quote posts:

First from Elder Durrant:

Small Efforts

When I wrote a commercial for the Day to Serve a few years back, what struck me was the power of one and how it just takes something small to change.  We need to stop thinking that we can’t do anything.  All it takes is one smile to change a day.  One act of kindness.  One right choice.  As each little thing builds upon the last, great things really will come to pass.

Fonts used: Apple Chancery and Devanagari Sangam MN

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#ponderize! The math makes sense! #ldsconf

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Many already saw and loved this on social media.  Now I share it here on my blog.  When Elder Durrant said this, I immediately envisioned a math formula which led me to the chalkboard and Chalkduster font. I knew it was what the quote needed and I knew this concept needed remembering.  There’s since been some brush ups regarding it, but I do not consider that any reason to pass by a fantastic concept. I do believe that while we may not fully memorize a scripture, when we truly ponder on it, it leaves a lasting impression on our minds and souls.  This is also true of inspirational quotes.

So I ask you, what will you Ponderize this week?  (This would be an excellent time to review Ponderize as a Young Women’s project.  I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will: Those Young Women’s projects are good for people of all ages.)  Also, if you would like some printables to help in your effort to Ponderize, I’m taking requests and ideas.

The Author and Finisher

This quote says it all.  I’m always looking to work on my faith, to build upon what I have. Sometimes I feel like I’ve only begun to scratch the surface.  However, I also know I’m not in this walk alone, nor am I truly the one in charge.

Fonts used: Plantagenet Cherokee & Snell Roundhand

Put God First

This is the last one I made for the Sunday Afternoon session.  I honestly can’t even begin to tell you how many trials I’ve faced in my lifetime. A lot.  Some pretty hard and definitely I wouldn’t wish those challenges on anyone else. Truly, I hope I suffered them so that no one else in my circle needs to do so.  Statistics really needs to work in your favor, dear readers and friends.  Just know you are never alone. Put God first and it will make a world of difference.  I know it’s hard to always hear Him, especially when mired in the deep – I am always here to allow His words to come through my mouth. The arms are wide open.

There’s still two sessions to go, and I feel like I’ve got my work cut out for me! I’m also working on getting some guest bloggers. Next week I will likely follow the same schedule, but just subscribe and you’ll know when my next post hits.

As always, comment with thoughts and/or requests!

–Lady O