Prayer is really important to me. I need to rework my Prayer Board to clean it up and update it for the upcoming 2016. Life is so different now than when I first made it.

After my Bishop challenged us a few years back to pray three times a day, I’ve tried to improve my prayers. How are yours? Remembering to start your day with prayer and return and report in the evening and keep Him in mind throughout the day?

I kind of suck at prayer sometimes. Other times I’m fantastic. Life’s been hard, and while some tend to pray the most at those times, I tend to get frustrated and find my prayers whiney. I get tired of hearing myself whine and feel all “don’t wanna”.

Instead, I want to improve my prayers and focus outside of myself.  That seems far better to me. Of course, Pinterest inspired me!

What is prayer?

Here’s an infographic!

Is your life a mess?

Never fear, there’s a pin for that.  (OK, a lot of pins, this is just one.) Just because it’s a mess today doesn’t mean that it needs to continue to be so.


This is a pretty good way to simplify and get back to prayer basics. Not only that, it’s got that whole “Chat” thing going for it to help you remember.

Schedule Time To Pray:

If you schedule your prayers and set aside dedicated time, it will happen and it can only improve!


Set up a prayer journal. Seriously, it can help. I started one last year and it’s been interesting for me! This is just one of many pins I have on this topic.

Prayer/Gratitude Journal:

If the Lord gives you everything, shouldn’t you thank him?  After Tuesday’s post, I’m glad to work in more Attitude of Gratitude journaling ideas!


Pray for your family. I promise it will make all the difference.


Married? There is nothing better you can do for your spouse than pray for them. It will help you get through some of the hardest trials a marriage can face.

Quiet Books:

Apparently these quiet book things are all the rage.  Here’s an idea for your children who are a little older and can read.  Put these on a ring and then they can focus on prayer when they need some quiet time. I love this idea because it teaches them how to spend those times in communion with the Lord.


Here’s a month of verses to study and ponder on as you attempt to improve your prayers. Ponderize… it’s one part pondering and one part memorizing. (Remember my reblog of using this for Young Women’s?) No time like now to start.

Are you a prayer journaler? Will you start? Let me know in the comments what inspires you when you pray!