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It’s been a day around here.  Sometimes a bad case of the Mondays bleeds into your Tuesday. Right? Zero fun. So today I’m posting late, but I still wanted to post this entry because I feel like it is fairly important.

I’m looking at improving my journaling, which might be a whole thing I will post about in the future. However, it’s Natonal BloPosting Month and maybe you are taking part. If not, you should consider it. At the very least, pull out your journals and post there. Why? Because it’s important to record your stuff. You don’t want to forget the amazeballs that happens in your life, right? Besides, posterity! Posterity needs to know these things!

So get to writing. Or posting. Or something.

Also, it’s a great way to take part in your Attitude of Gratitude, right? Record this stuff!

Any who, sometimes you are sitting around trying to think about what to write and you are like, “Man, I don’t know what to write!” I mean I write about everything, even Hello Kitty Panzers. Why? Because who the heck doesn’t want to drive a Hello Kitty Panzer? Ok, maybe that’s just me, but if you saw the traffic I dealt with, you’d understand. Out of my way! I have places to go and people to see and I’m a freaking Diva, OK?10 thankful prompts

Here’s a jumping off point for your blogging/journaling/whatever.  In an Attitude of Gratitude format, because yo, it’s Attitude of Gratitude month!

  1. Who: Who in your life are you thankful for? I mean not all people are suckers. There’s gotta be someone. Your sister? Neighbor? Great Aunt Ida? Be thankful and let that person know what they mean! They could get hit by a toilet seat from the ISS tomorrow.
  2. Where: Is there someplace special that makes you happy?  For me it’s Fort Blanket.  Fort Blanket is in the great nation of Bedlandia and I’m pretty darn grateful for my bed. And my blankets.  And my pillow.  So thankful, I actually wrote a love letter to Bedlandia. If enough of you comment, I’ll post it for the world to see.
  3. Food: Look, it’s Halloween and I dig chocolate so right now I’m all over the Count Chocula. Shut up. Count and me had good childhood memories and now he’s hard to find. I snagged me a box of this chocolatey goodness with none of the health value you could hope to find in a cardboard box, and I plan to enjoy it. Maybe you should just be thankful you live in a first world country and have food.  There’s starving people in Africa.
  4. Music: I posted on Sunday about a new inspirational video from The Piano Guys. What music is making you happy?  Look, I’m all over the Christmas music and I say once Halloween ends, it’s a go. So you won’t even get any judgement from me if you want to say, “Christmas Carols”. I say rock and let the haters hate!
  5. Your car: I practically live in my car.  That’s how we roll in America.  I read a story once that said Americans are so tied to their car that vampires have to actually ask for permission before they can cross the threshold.  That says something.  Maybe it’s not your car. Maybe it’s your bike. Or your running shoes. I don’t know, but there’s probably some means of transportation that you are thankful for because it gets you from A to B. Write about it! (Or her. I know some people name their cars. That’s cool.)
  6. Hero: Ok, so we all have people we look up to in life.  Maybe it’s someone from a comic book.  (Hello, Superman. I can be your Wonder Woman and fight for truth, justice, and the American way just like you.)  Maybe it’s a teacher. Maybe it’s PotUS. Doesn’t matter, they make you feel inspired in some way and that’s worth writing up why you are grateful for their influence!
  7. Hobby: All work and no play makes Ozma SuperGrouch.  I don’t even go to “dull girl”.  Screw that. I get down right grouchy. I need something to do for downtime.  Maybe it’s coloring. Maybe it’s running. (For real? Why do this to yourself?) Whatever it is, I bet you are thankful you have it in your life.
  8. Faith: We all believe in something. I don’t care if it’s Thor, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or you are one of the mainstream three religions.  Science even counts. Whatever you put your faith into is important to you. Maybe you should write about why that is.  Guess what, that’s what gratitude is about! Posterity needs to know these things.
  9. When: Maybe your thankful for an event. There’s a lot of whens in your life.  That time you totally fell on your face in front of the entire school might not be something you are thankful for, but that time you got recognized for being your awesome self? Yeah, that’s hot. Be thankful someone noticed and write about it! What about when you had your kid? Sure pregnancy and child-birth are no picnic, but you had a healthy baby and that face was undoubtably the cutest face on the planet earth. Worth it! Bam, gratitude. Marriage? Divorce? First paycheck? There’s seriously a lot of whens that could be recorded as you share your gratitude for them.  Even the bad stuff is something to be thankful for – it made who you are today. If you’re reading my blog, I’d say that means you are a cool person. Own it.
  10. Inspirational Quote: Maybe there’s a quote that does it for you. Be thankful! Record that sucker! I don’t care if it’s safe advice from your manicurist or something from the Dali Llama. Personally, I dig Elle Woods:

Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t. — Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

So there you go. Ten prompts for your blog or journal to spread the Attitude of Gratitude.

Wanna share? Hit up the comments!

–Lady O