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On Friday I shared my new subscription box, Gamer Girl Monthly. I opted for a second jewelry inspired box, this one more simply geared around fandoms. There’s a lot of fandoms that I enjoy, so I figured this would be an excellent resource for some more jewelry that’s geeky.

I’m not a huge jewelry person, but I absolutely LOVE earrings. L. O. V. E. For real, I own more earrings than anything else. The best thing about geeky earrings is it’s a little something when you are stuck in the drudgery of everyday life.  Sometimes you can’t get away with wearing your nerdy tee and as much as I like flair, those buttons aren’t really good for everyday use.

You know what is? Earrings. So there.

I debated if I wanted to join this subscription service for the month of October or not. The deadline was upon me and I was worried about the theme.  I decided to go for it and here we go!

Fandom of the Month: Super

Make that Supernatural.

Now you know why I was nervous.  I watched this show but struggled with it.  Dean and Not-Dean and a hot car was about all it had going for it in my eyes.  It was just missing that certain something.  Of course, those were the early days when there was no Castiel and it was bad urban legend of the week. Apparently when I thought it jumped the shark with some sort of weird kidnapping to Hell, it actually got good? I dunno, I’ve just never gone back to it. I’m kind of busy.

Super: I wanted superhero. That’s just me. I’m a comic book nerd madly in love with Superman.  Oh well, in the end I decided this would be worthwhile because if it was Superheroes that would rock and if it was Supernatural I’d score with the Christmas gifts for my Supernatural fangirl friends. Either way, that’s a win in my book.

  1. Silver Kansas “KAZ2Y5” License Plate earrings – Because you freaking can’t get enough of the boys’ ride.
  2. Supernatural logo pendant with gun and knife charms.
  3. Size adjustable ring with angel wings. Kudos on the rhinestone encrusting along the top of the wings. You say “Supernatural”. I say, “Freaking Daryl Dixon, yo!” For legit… this thing matches the back of Dixon’s leather jacket.  Well, ladies across the globe do think that Daryl Dixon is fairly supernatural.  It’s the hair and the jacket.  Or maybe it’s the way he went all papa bear over Little Ass-Kicker. In the Walker Apocalypse, my money’s on Daryl. Sorry, Dean and Sam.  On a side note, what’s with not as much Daryl action this season? Puh-lease.  More Daryl, less blah blah blah on TWD. Kthanxbai.
  4. Magnet with faceless Dean and Sam.  Creepy much? Yeah. But face it, you know that’s going on the fridge.  What are they Amish? It’s Supernatural, that would be like some sort of freaky Children of the Corn Amish.
  5. Drawstring sack holding the goodies: has a sketch of the Impala (from back when Impalas were actually cool) and says:

    Saving people
    Hunting things
    The family business

There you have it. Fandom of the month. November is apparently their anniversary so we’re getting five things from five different fandoms. They already showed us the bookmark of Harry Potter awesome.

At only $13 a month, it’s a pretty god deal.  I figure the earrings and the necklace alone were likely worth $20 minimum together.

Interested? Subscribe now. You don’t want to miss out.

–Lady O