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by: Michael Bunker & Kevin G. Summers


In every generation, certain writers are chosen to be protectors of The Legendarium, a metaphysical library that exists at the nexus of the multiverse. Inside this library are doorways that lead to every world ever created in literature. There are forces of evil constantly at work to destroy the library and send the world back into an age of darkness. Now, in a time of growing illiteracy, two heroes are chosen to defend The Legendarium. Bombo Dawson, newly published author and the hero of Michael Bunker’s novella Hugh Howey Must Die!, and Alistair Foley, aspiring author and Bombo’s harshest critic, become unlikely partners in a mission to protect The Legendarium. Their adventures will take them across the worlds of literature, but will hostile enemies learn to work together before the accumulated knowledge of all of humanity is lost forever?

I picked this book up from Audible on some sort of daily deal/freebie/something. I honestly don’t remember. What I can say is that I spent a lot of time in my car this summer.  A lot. I almost feel like I lived in it this summer.

Welcome to my world.  It’s how my summer’s tend to go.

With so much time in the car, it really cuts into my reading time. Thankfully I have Audible right there for me. I first got my Audible account in 2004 trying to score a free iPod. (Guess what, it worked!) I don’t always subscribe to their service that grants book credits, but I do like to keep up to date with what’s going on. I’ve got a lot of titles and I’ve been working my way through them.

This book sounded interesting to say the least. With a plot line to the effect of “Two authors that hate each other get stuck romping through fiction to save the universe”, you know there will be something interesting locked inside this book.

I’m not sure what I loved more, the romps through some great classics (Did they really go sail on “You may call me Ishmael”‘s boat in “Moby Dick”? Yes, yes they did!) or the ranting of the one character who hates all books. Maybe it was the library filled with dead authors.  Maybe it was the idea that all books lead to real worlds out there where the book plays out. I just don’t know. What I do know is this book was fun for a bookphile like me.

There was even a zombie. Yay for zombies!

The narrator had a good voice and made the book enjoyable to listen to as well.  Narrators can really make or break an audiobook.

This is definitely a book/audio that I recommend if you love literature.

–Lady O