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Loot crate October 2015 Theme: Time

This month’s Loot Crate was simply going to be good.  With a theme like “Time”, how do you go wrong? Doctor Who, Bill and Ted, Back to the Future (and it was the official BttF day), Time Bandits, The Time Machine – there’s no lack of awesome time travel possibilities out there!

I couldn’t wait to open my crate when it arrived and I was not disappointed!

  1. Back to the Future II replica Hoverboard at 1:5 scale with papers.
  2. Sonic Spork – Exclusive from Lootcrate/BBC/Doctor Who.
  3. Bill and Ted tee – “Be excellent to each other”.
  4. Pop Vinyl #236 Back to the Future Dr. Emmett Brown Lootcrate Exclusive.
  5. Flux capacitor on the theme mini-flair.

Inside of the box had the phone booth with the party dudes. LOVE IT!

This has definitely been the most excellent of Loot Crates.  I’m keeping everything! I still want a crate that is a little more geek gurl friendly, but at least this one was good enough to make me squee over every item.

I just have to say, isn’t Doc Brown super cute?

Biggest complaint: The Sonic Spork – needs more sonic.  That thing doesn’t light up or even make a noise. However, it’s fun to use a spork that looks like it springs forth from a sonic screwdriver.  It’s also fun to use a spork. OK, it’s also fun to say spork. A spork? Really? It’s the kind of efficiency I don’t put past the Doctor.

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–Lady O