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A different sort of Pinterest post this week! I figured you people probably wanted to know I wasn’t just pinning stuff like mad for no reason. OK, so I might do that sometimes, but I can’t help it if I love all the pretty McMansions and wished I lived in them.

Late last week I saw this awesome magnetic Prayer Board and pinned it:

I also saw this great printable:

I have next to nothing up in my house and idly thought, “Maybe I’ll make something like this.”

Then I went to Church on Sunday.

Every year my Bishop (think Pastor/Priest if you aren’t LDS) likes to challenge us with something new. I really like the challenges and know that he wants us to become a more Zion-like people. Honestly, I love my Bishop and have taken each of his challenges to heart. This week he gave us our 2012 challenge.

In 2010 he challenged us to yell in our homes less. I hate yelling, I don’t even like to yell, “DINNER!” Works great with this word art I found today:

Page 2: (to see more of his challenges and my Pinterest inspired answer…)