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I didn’t get to post yesterday due to a killer migraine of doom. So today you’re getting a massive post of pictures for Wordless Wednesday – The MarsCon 2012 Edition!  I will keep it as wordless as possible – but it looks more word-full.

What is MarsCon? It’s a “relax-i-con” for the nerdy sci-fi lovers. You get authors, musicians, costumes, games, crafts, and a whole weekend of parties.

The one thing MarsCon rules at – They know how to rock a theme. This year it was “The End of MarsCon” because hello, how do you not play on 2012 and the end of the world? We had loads of zombie-themed events, an end-of-the-world faire, etc. So here’s a few of the pictures that I took:

Fist up: Check out the cloak that Joram made the week of the convention. Yes that involved altering and sewing two satin fabrics to make a fully reversible outfit. Yes, he’s crazy talented. Yes, I’m worried.

Joram sporting his cloak - blue side out

Love the colour combo!

VA isn’t the only state with fun vanity plates – but MarsCon definitely got an interesting collection. Here’s my fave:

License plate says: Stmpunk

Steampunk! Heck yeah!

Mario and Luigi - zombie style!

Best costumes of the weekend!

I’m pretty sure the Second Doctor is busy playing the recorder to figure out how to stop the end of the world.

The second doctor - with his recorder!

Awesome. The Second Doctor showed up. With his recorder, too!

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