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In 2011 the challenge came in the form of praying more. I liked his thought and it’s so true, at least for me: In the morning and in the evening sometimes you are just plain tired and maybe not as focused so try to find time in the middle of your day to say an additional prayer. I’m not great at it, but I’m trying.

Because really we should:


This year he added to pray more for people. Our leaders, our neighbours, the people we visit, our co-workers, our family, so on and so forth.

I hear you, Bishop. I try to remember prayer requests, and often I say a quick prayer immediately when I see a request lest I forget in the busy that fills my days.

All the more reason for a Prayer Board.

I made that my goal today. Instead of just showing you pins, I thought I would show you what I did with the things I pinned. Maybe it will encourage you to make your own Prayer Board.

As it happens, I have a random unused bulletin board in my house.

rando bulletin board covered with coloured cardstock

I chose a cream and sea foam green background because it looked soothing, like prayer.

Why yes, it does look remarkably similar to the one in my Bishop’s office. That’s because I purchased it for use in there but managed to consolidate two boards into one.

Next, I printed out some prayer-centered things to add to my board and attached with photo corners in case I ever want to change them out. Joram picked out the letters from some pre-punched card stock to say the words: Morning, Noon, Night.  What a great reminder to us that we need to pray three times a day!

Says Prayer and a thought on prayer

Looks great! I think you can tell what this board is for now!

Next, we wrote some of our prayer requests onto slips of paper and attached with photo corners for easy removal. Things like:

  • Aunt Rose : for she is pregnant
  • Mommy: Ankle & sleep!
  • Bishopric & Relief Society Presidency
finished board with lots of prayer requests

We’ve got a lot to pray about!

Hopefully, now we can remember all the wonderful people and things in our lives we want to pray for each day!

Thank you, Pinterest and Bishop! I’m excited about using this to help improve our family and personal prayers and hopefully we can become a more Zion-like family. Sometimes it is easy to forget to pray or to say the same things over and over because you can’t think of what else to say. I try so hard to make my prayers feel fresh and new, to feel like I’m having a conversation with my Heavenly Father. Sometimes, it is so hard, especially when you feel like you say the same things over and over.

If ever something would help make my home a haven, it is praying more and praying with a purpose.

–Lady O