Greetings, beloved readers!

It’s Pinterest Thursday and it’s also “Back to School” season.  (Or as I like to enjoy, Not Back To School.  Homeschooler’s rejoice at this. Huzzah!)

I love learning. I consider myself a life-long learner. You know what’s fantastic for expanding your brain? Pinterest. You can find tutorials, save things for review later, and much more!

Wanting inspiration for learning and knowledge, I went looking for quotes. I love quotes. My senior year of high school I filled a composition notebook full of random cool and motivational quotes I found.  Now I can find quotes that look pretty on Pinterest and save them!


As important as school and learning is, please remember that play is also important.

Meanwhile, please remember that no matter how frustrating other people are:

When your kids are tired of homework, remind them:

Don’t be afraid of failure, it’s how we learn best:

Always remember:

So I want all of you to:

–Lady O