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I didn’t plan to go to Haven Conference. I didn’t even know it existed, actually. But my kids were still gone and a friend texted me and asked if I wanted to accompany her to Georgia.

Who wouldn’t want to go to Georgia? Seriously! It’s a fun place, especially Atlanta. Why not?

Then she scored me a ticket. To the person I don’t know how to thank, well this is my very public thank you!

As many know, I’ve been at this web writing blogging type thing since before the term “blog” existed. I’ve always wanted to go to a blogging themed conference, just never seem able to make life work out. And this year there’s a whole lot of life being a bit wacky. So, I’m beyond grateful.

I figured this would turn into an adventure, and of course it did! We hashtagged our trip #southernescape. How fun is that? We left a day early so we could enjoy some Atlanta fun.

We saw the Atlanta LDS Temple. (Why do I like the Temple? Read the address I gave in church last year.)

We visited World of Coke. That’s right, we went from holy to sinful. That’s just how I roll!

We even checked out a bunch of interior design type stores. My friend is an amazing interior designer and super fun to adventure with… but sadly, she does not blog. Yet.

The keynote speaker for the opening ceremonies of Haven? None other than Ana White. I’ve followed her blog since she called it Knock Off Wood. I’ve longed to make some of her plans. I helped a young woman build an Ana White desk for a value project. Awesome.

I attended a slew of classes. Things from improving SEO to organizing.

The most fun probably came when I played with a Ryobi power drill at a Shanty 2 Chic class on building a spice rack. Yes, the spice rack totally came from Ana White.

Yes, it really was as much fun as it looks. That drill? Totally amazing. I might be in a power tool high. What can I drill next?

The conference gave out some impressive initial swag:

Exciting stuff! Yet, I kept getting more things as the conference went on. By and large, the swag at this conference was super high and I left with a boatload of ideas and two overflowing bags. And a full basket of tools. Stay tuned tomorrow for intel on that as well as the stuff getting mailed to me!

Haven Conference – uplifting, exciting, a haven from the busy world, and inspiring me to make my home more of a haven while giving me the tools and known-how to follow through.

Will I go next year? A blogger can only dream…

–Lady O