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Yesterday I shared about my recent trip to Haven Conference, a DIY Blogging conference held in Atlanta, Georgia.

I’m here to be a little wordy and show off one of the great wins at the conference. Given the level of swag, you can see why it’s so wordy.

Home Depot, a major supporter of the conference (it IS DIY after all), ran a twitter contest. Entry: tweet your summer DIY project. A month ago I discovered a broken bathtub valve/faucet with no tools or know-how for the repair. So… yeah… I tweeted.

This summer my DIY project is a bathroom fixture upgrade! I’m shopping @homedepot and #hdhacks. Loving #havenconf inspiration!

Later, this hit my feed:

@ladyozma Congrats! You’ve been randomly selected as an #HDHacks winner at #havenconf! Plz visit The Home Depot booth to pick up your prize!

I won? Awesome!

The prize: a basket! I chose the DIY starter kit since a greater bulk of my tools are MIA. (Seriously, what happened to my girly tool kit?)

Jealous, right?

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