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In high school I collected quotes. I filled notebooks with quotes or small poems that I loved or felt inspired by. I’m not amazingly artsy, so I just tried to write them as neat as I could. Once in a while I’d try my hand at calligraphy, but my calligraphy ninja skills = not so hawt. Sad, because I took a calligraphy course at one point in middle school. I suppose that’s one of those “Use it or lose it” types of deals.

In home school, we call this process “Copy Work”, one of the many reasons I feel like I probably did more “on my own” than just sitting in the classroom at my local school house. What can I say, I’m wacky that way.

The problem: Zero indexing. I could not easily find a quote in my notebooks. That’s OK, I wasn’t trying to compile an encyclopedia or anything.

One of the first bugcrusher books I purchased as an adult: Bartlett’s Quotation book. Huzzah! Indexed!

It’s 2013 now. Meet Pinterest.

Oh lovely pinterest. There’s a pinboard for everything. No, really.

Why do I love keeping quotes on pinterest?

  • They are pretty!

  • I can write the quote and the author for easy searching

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