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A while back, my beloved Pinterest gave us ‘Pinaddicts’ the glory of “Secret Boards”. These boards allow us to pin things for ourselves and not the rest of the world.  I’ll admit, I looked at the announcement and thought,

What on earth am I going to do with that?

Let’s face it. There’s not a lot that I keep secret.

Then I realized an amazing thing. I could track pins that I actually followed through with. Cute craft idea? Food item? Clothing item? Whatever! I could create a new pin and not have a duplicate pin fill people’s feed!

Brilliant! It would allow me the ability to see how many things I pin I actually use.  Let’s face it, there’s a lot of pins out there.  We’re all guilty of the “Pin now, read later” philosophy, yet how soon before we “read later”?

Even better, this could streamline my Pinterest success or fails blog posts. I like it.

It’s all about organization with me.

So I give to you, my latest Pin-adventures! These week, they are food related. Yum.

I have an entire house full of food.  You name it, I probably have it. Unless it’s weird. Or not in season. You get the idea. My kids took off to work at summer camp, so there’s a lot of food not getting eaten. I’ve decided cooking for one? Totally waste of effort. So I hit up Pinterest. I had some great ideas, but fell into some wonderful deals for single serving food so never got around to the pin ideas.

That’s OK.

Then I needed some yard work done. I’ve got allergies, heat sensitivity, and I’m gonna just admit to it – I’m weak. I cannot start the lawn mower. As luck would have it, the missionaries from my Church dropped by and they happened to want service hours. Welcome to my half-acre jungle, boys.

Not one to let people off with serving me and sending them on their way, I offered up a meal.  Somewhere in the world are two moms grateful for people like me feeding their sons.  Fairly soon, I’ll be one of those moms. We won’t get into that.

Hello, Pinterest.

For dinner:

Crockpot Applesauce BBQ Chicken

Amazingly easy. Super tasty. I call it a win.

I couldn’t leave these fine young men without something for dessert. Not after they slaved in my yard!

Who wouldn't want something called Brownie Pudding?

Who wouldn’t want something called Brownie Pudding?

Followed the directions, except The Mad Baker and I maybe forgot to add the butter. Guess what? Couldn’t tell! I’m pretty infamous for leaving out main ingredients. I’m interested in making this again correctly!

Also recently Joram and I attempted these:

Mmm Pretzel Balls. YES, please!

Mmm Pretzel Balls. YES, please!

Verdict, ugly as sin but super tasty! Yeah, we didn’t end up with the gorgeousness seen above.

I figure, if it tastes good, that’s what matters most, right?

Let me know about your Pinterest success stories this week!

–Lady O