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Sometimes it seems that Pinterest eats up all the time with things we might “like to do” but will “never really do”. Those work-out plans, awesome meals, and gorgeously decorated houses are the dream but we live in reality.

I’m guilty of pinning a lot of things. Some I pin for my followers, knowing that it is something they might like. Or I pin something I know I can’t do in this house but think maybe someday I can find a way to have it even though I plan to never ever move again if I can in any way help it.

You get the idea. This week, however, I wanted to feature some things I HAVE done because of my Pinterest. See, it isn’t a total time suck!

Mmm, pretzels. We’ve all been in the mall and we’ve all walked by Auntie Anne’s. Generally this means a quick scramble of the budget to see if I can afford a super tasty pretzel compared with the time remaining before our next meal. I saw this pin come up and I jumped into action. The kids actually made this and it turned out excellent. We ended up with pretzel rolls that were out of this world amazing.

I definitely recommend this recipe. It’s now in my recipe binder for future use this winter, especially now that we are on a far stricter budget.

In the same vein, we needed a meal and went for this Copy-Cat Panera Bread soup that my entire family loves. What can I say, we love broccoli and cheese soup and Panera does theirs “right”. The bigger win was that even with the use of chicken broth – it was a hands down win in our family. So, if you just can’t make it out to Panera, try this. (Nothing beats Panera’s soup in their bread bowl!)

Sadly, it was a last-minute decision. No bread bowls for us. C’est la vie.

Not as much of a win for us:

It wasn’t that it was bad, it was just far sweeter than we like. The recipe claimed to be like the Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix. We happen to love that mix, and this wasn’t quite the same. Honestly, we find a lot of brownie scratch recipes to be too sweet for our liking, so we will continue on. A lot of people like this, so it’s worth trying out for your family. I’ve pinned a different recipe that we plan to try out in the more immediate future.

Expect another post like this soon because I’ve earmarked some other recipes to try out this month.

Here’s the last pin I want to feature, though it is not yet complete:

I’m in the middle of making this. I know a lot of pregnant people and I have a lot of yarn. The hope is that this will turn out super cute and make for a great gift idea. So far it’s OK, but I’m having to really tinker with the pattern because my yarns are not what it calls for. (They ARE baby yarns though!) I’ve never actually made a sweater before, so this is slow going as i figure out things like armholes and the like. Wish me luck!

Feel free to comment on my pins, ask questions, or tell me what you’ve found success with pinning. I think a pinterest party would be loads of fun.

–Lady O