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What’s more fun than sewing? Sewing with friends!

I’ll admit, this crazy easy project should take no time however when you’ve got three kids running around and a friend to gab with, it takes all day. And I do mean ALL DAY.

Who cares because we had loads of fun!

It started with us talking about making cute maxi skirts. Somehow that morphed into kaftan, probably because I saw this on pinterest about a week or so ago:

How cute is that? Then I ended up with some pretty awesome tie-dye knit fabric. So we decided, why not? (Note, Kaftan or Caftan – I’ve always seen it spelled with a K, however some apparently spell it with a C?)

First we pulled out some knit fabrics. Mine are the two tie-dyed and came courtesy of another friend’s stash:

three knit fabric bundles

Three cuts of fabric of questionable lengths.

We measured ourselves from shoulder to ankle and from elbow to elbow.

It looked good for kaftan making so we folded the fabric in half.

Knits stretch like rubber band, so we pinned the fabric like crazy.  You need two or three seams, depending on how your folding went. Basically along the top and up the two sides. We marked for 8 inches arm holes.

After sewing with a zig zag seam, we laid our fabric on the ground and used a t-shirt as a guide to cut for the neck.

We used a t-shirt to cut a hole for the neck.

Neck hole time!

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