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Check out my gorgeous friend cutting her kaftan! Yeah, she rocks. FYI: We’re in HER mom cave. She’s a quilter and you should check out her AMAZING stuff.  My mom cave is nowhere near as well put together or bright.

My friend cuts out her sleeves.

Time to cut the sleeves and neck!

Theoretically we were done at this point. Knits don’t shred so we went back and forth on if we liked the rough edge. We debated the neck holes. And we talked about making flowers because her fabric had a boo-boo and if we’d paid more attention instead of talking, we could have done her’s differently. But instead we maybe spent more time giggling and gabbing.

After leaving, she decided to make hers a little more fitted. I debated, but didn’t have the time. After seeing hers, I think I should!

We wore our “matching” kaftans to church on Sunday.

So here’s the problem I found with the kaftan: It’s too crazy amounts of comfortable. I put it on and I was beyond exhausted and I pretty much spent the entire day wanting to curl up in a ball and go to sleep. It’s like wearing a nightgown. Only it’s a dress. I mean, how awesome is that?

us posing outside of church in our kaftans

Looks great – but someone remind me to always put my glasses back on after photogging!

I think she and I need to get together for some more sewing/crafting. This was way more fun than sewing in my Mom Cave alone. *Note: Often that involves a lot of texting to multiple friends about what I’m doing. So everything takes so much longer anyway.*

–Lady O