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It’s Pinterest Thursday and I’m going to feature a few other pins that I’ve completed. I have to say, of all my internet obsessions, I think Pinterest is my favorite. I’ve gotten so many cute/fun/tasty ideas and it’s been an adventure trying them out!

Have you followed through with completing something you’ve pinned? Let me know!

I love all that follow my pinterest, and that I follow. After last week’s “I made that pin” post, I knew I wanted to do more, so here goes.

Update on the Baby Hoodie:

This is actually almost done. I’m working on the sleeves. I do not have enough yarn to make the hood, unfortunately. I had to alter the pattern because my gauge was way off. Apparently my baby yarn and their baby yarn – way different. Mine is super chunky. I love the way it feels and looks, though! It’s taken a lot longer than I thought and I’m not sure I have enough for the sleeves, so I’m attempting two at a time knitting. Needless to say, I have some personal frustrations, but boy is this thing cute. I’ll blog when I finish it, after figuring out my yarn issues. I think it’ll end up being some sort of sweater instead of a hoodie.

I already have my next project ready to go when I’m done with the sleeves. Hopefully, I can feature that next week!

This is a fully reversible wrap skirt. It’s two skirts in one! Everyone knows I have an obsession with skirt making and most of my skirts feature skulls. This one will not disappoint. It has a super high level of cute. However, I want to feature another skirt first for a tutorial, but I promise this is coming. Sneak peek for later this month – I’m working on an entire series of Halloween inspired skirts! I’ve been hard at work! This will be featured so have patience. I wore it last night and got great feedback!

Baked potato casserole? How do you go wrong? Pretty much this is everything you love about baked potatoes only even better. You don’t need to cut open the skins or mash your toppings up into the potato because it’s already done. Super easy, super tasty, and it made TWO! Hello freezer! Consensus from family: Boys & me: scarf, scarf, nom nom, lick the plate. Consensus from Sir Megabyte: This is really a side dish. Except it really isn’t. It was one potato per person which is what you would do for a baked potato bar. I think his brain just read it as mashed potatoes which equals side dish. We did add a side of green beans to our meal.

One hour bread? WIN! I often realize I needed to make bread way too late to spend the hours it takes. Like… last night! It took about 10 minutes to make and gave my arms quite the workout while kneading. Sadly, it’s turning all chilly and I personally think it takes longer for bread to rise when cooler, so I don’t think the requested 25 minutes was quite long enough. Even on my stove top. However, it turned out really pretty and did rise. It was a little dense which maybe a few more minutes of kneading and rising would help with. This bread only used for a quarter cup of sugar to the five and a quarter cups of flour, but we found it to be a sweet tasting bread. We devoured an entire loaf with our meal.

I’d share a picture, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that. I posted it to my Instagram. If I can, I’ll edit it in.

Until next time, happy pinning!

–Lady O