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I miss sharing my menus and thought maybe I’d do another Menu Plan Monday.  We all know how hard it is to get creative with menus and strive to get “out of the rut” so to speak and these blog posts really help me with that.

Some things changed around my little Kingdom in regards to Menu Plan Monday actions.  We’ve taken to making even more things from scratch as some blog followers know.  Pinterest seriously revolutionized the family cookbook in ways I cannot even begin to express. (Seriously, how did anyone cook anything, give gifts, or throw a shindig without Pinterest? Obviously, it was simply impossible!)  Due to some paradigm shifts, we now add chicken and fish to our regular menus. No more “Week of Chicken” festivities.  Well Ok, sometimes we still do it, but it’s not the same.  We also make great use of the crock pot now. (And so far it hasn’t died. Keep praying for our crock pot since we are the crock killers!) You get the idea.

I recently went on a mini freezer cooking session.  Anyone reading those posts know that sometimes I would spend hours in the kitchen.  I kind of missed having all those neat little meals ready to go in my freezer.  I can’t help it. It’s just so satisfying. Tuesday, Wednesday’s and Sunday’s dinners are siting in my freezer as well.  Score!  This time I did not use the pans from before.  My Glad pans are a little worse for wear and I needed slightly smaller pans.  I found tin foil pans at the Dollar Tree because they worked.  The nice thing is now clean-up is super easy! The tins come 3 for $1, include a lid you can easily write on, and stack well.  I dislike super disposable, but it does have its place.

If only the crock pot could clean up so easy.

Here’s some of our meals for this week:

Monday: I’m on my own. The kids have gymnastics and due to circumstances, they will eat on the way and I’m not even giving them a ride.

Tuesday: Chicken and Dumplings: It’s a crock pot meal in a gallon bag in my freezer. What? Yeah. Genius.

Wednesday: Creamy White Chicken and Artichoke Lasagna

Thursday: Errands day before a Scout Court of Honour.  We’ll use a coupon and eat on the road.  Possibly Noodles and Company.  We will see what strikes our fancy!

Friday: Tilapia and rice – We’ll use a marinade I found out Aldi‘s.  We currently own three different bottles so we’ll see what looks yummy.

Saturday: Hamburgers and Mac and Cheese because it’s the Stake End of Summer Youth Activity night. Sometimes it’s all about fitting the theme!

Sunday: Spaghetti Casserole: An oldie but a goodie

What’s in your meal plan?

–Lady O