It feels like it has really been forever since I had a proper Menu Monday! Oh how I’ve missed it. Mostly we were just pulling things from the freezer… my May got completely out of control with the THREE trips to Baltimore and all the sewing and reading… sheesh. Which is why I haven’t been blogging, either.

Busy busy… makes me glad for all those freezer meals!

My husband finds himself in California this week, again. So what do we do? PARTY WITH GOOD FOOD!

So is it a week of chicken? NO! As thrilling as that would be, (seriously, no sarcasm there!) the kids asked for fish. Oh yes, fish is also on the “no-no” list. Well, that’s not true… fish sticks are OK. Captain D’s is OK. Some shrimp and lobster tail – also OK. Pretty much everything else hits the “no-no” list, I believe.

I splurged a little due to some great sales… and I have some lovely seafood for this week!

Monday – Crab Legs with Old Bay and Parmesan CousCous
Tuesday – Shrimp Scampi
Wednesday – Scouts – We’re going to Noodles and Company which apparently the husband does not realy care for
Thursday – Chicken Pasta Bake
Friday – The Husband is home so I need to find something to make for him… I’m thinking fajitas.
Saturday – The kids have a party and so this one is up in the air for me because of running.
Sunday – Roast – per husband’s request.

What’s on your menu?

–Lady O