That’s right! It’s Menu Monday and I’ve got a CHICKEN edition! So that of course means it is BLOGWORTHY!

Long time readers know that I have mega food issues. Namely Sir Megabyte is a picky eater. It’s hard to get motivated to menu plan. However, I have the rare gift of A WEEK OF CHICKEN!

I’d throw in some fish, but I happened to get this ton of chicken breasts on a super sale that I combined with a coupon. I mean how do you go wrong? I snatched up a lot hoping for just this opportunity.

So here you go – a peek at what we’re hoping to eat this week!

Sunday: BBQ Chicken. And yeah, it was GOOD! We chose to use the Wegman’s Asian BBQ sauce. I thought their honey BBQ sauce was good? Well the Asian is just as tasty. Yeah, I’ve been working on this bottle for a month. It’s so good. Did I mention how excited we were to have BBQ Chicken? It’s like a two-fer on the “not allowed” list!

Monday (tonight): Chicken and Dumplings. Oh man do I love chicken and dumplings. I love it. LOVE IT. To make my dumplings I use those Pillsbury pop-it biscuits. They make the yummiest dumplings.

Tuesday: Chicken Alfredo with Fettucini noodles. Ok once again, a two-fer. Chicken and alfredo! HUZZAH! I haven’t had alfredo in so long! We’re going to make this in our Pampered Chef Deep Dish Covered Baker. I’m excited to make something besides cake in that thing!

Wednesday: Ok no real plan. We’re going to a friend’s to make pillowcases. So I’ll be at her discretion. But whatever it is, I bet it’s good. I’ll help her with whatever it is, but I’m sure it’s better than anything I’d make. Now I don’t know about better than what Joram would make. That kid really rocks in the kitchen!

Thursday: WINGS! Because hello, WINGS! šŸ™‚

Friday: Panini’s. Because Caramon wants them. šŸ™‚

Saturday it’s the return to the grind, but that’s all right. We’ll be on a chicken high!

–Lady O