That’s right… it’s been a week of chicken! YAY! No plague edition or any such thing… it has been honest to goodness chicken!

I have to tell you that I’m glad I am so stocked up in this house because last week my menu plans fell apart as I tried so hard to get ready for CostumeCon 27. My whole last month and this month have been nothing but insanity!

Too many conventions so close together… my goodness. You combine it with the other things I’ve been doing? I’m surprised I haven’t lost it.

I will be posting April’s reading, but as is everything else in my life – I am behind in that as well. We’re going out of town again next week… but we’ll see if I can get it done.

At any rate, with my husband off to CA again… I determined it to be a week of chicken. I swore there would be no plague and thus far we’ve staved off the measles outbreak and the "swine flu" which I really believe is the aforementioned plague. But that’s a whole other blog entry I don’t wanna write.

We rolled in from CostumeCon Monday evening and the first thing upon the return to town – see the Chiropractor. Oh man did he work me over, too. I plan to see him Friday. I needed to get in Wednesday but just couldn’t cope… too much to do! From there we dropped mum’s kimono off for display at the store she bought the fabric. Then I let her off and unpacked her part of the van. From there it was pick up the dog and figure out dinner.

We got to Giant and guess what? They had one of those precooked chickens mislabeled to 3.79 and the store gave it to me for that price! Schweeet! So we ate just some straight up chicken with mac and cheese and collapsed.

From there our adventure continued.

Monday: Chicken and Macaroni & Cheese with side salad.
Tuesday: Chicken and Dumplings (MY FAVOURITE! I ❤ C&D so much and never ever get it!)
Wednesday: We had coupons to ChickFilA and I’d had a bad evening so we ate there – still chicken!
Thursday: We made a broccoli, pasta, cheese, and chicken bake. Yum!
Friday: There’s still the carcass and a little bit of chicken left. We might make a soup again though last time it seemed to be lacking something. Or we’ll do something else. Anyone have creative chicken ideas for us to try? Leave a comment! Please!!!

That is really not too bad for a week of chicken. The husband comes home LATE tomorrow night. I’m not sure what we’ll eat on Saturday. Actually that might be the night my parentals take us to dinner for my birthday since we’ll be out of town on Monday. If so, where should I choose to go? Seafood? Be "evil" and ask for Famous Dave’s BBQ even though the husband can’t stand the place? Italian?

On Sunday we leave again for Baltimore. I tell you this is just too much. My time in between trips is a whirlwind of trying to get the laundry done, the housework/yardwork done, and etc. I can’t seem to get to quite everything! Yikes. We will be in Baltimore from Sunday through Wednesday. For that reason there will not be a menu next week at all. Thursday through Sunday I’ll just be pulling out freezer meals. Maybe the meals I didn’t make last week?

I kid you not, we’ll be leaving the following Friday for Baltimore again! It’s not a week in May ’09 if we’re not in Baltimore! HA!

For those wanting to know about CostumeCon 27 – I’m posting pictures on my Facebook. Once I get done with ALL the photos in albums for each contest, I’ll chose the best and post them to my flickr. (On LJ there is a flickr RSS feed journal.) As for Ravencon – that was great! I won Best In Show for my costume and got TONS of recordings for Quoth the Raven (subscribe in iTunes) podcast. I’d have had an issue this week but my voice was super rough all week from two back to back conventions. I’m gonna try to go ahead and release episode 3 next week though I am unsure what the internet will be like where we are going.

What do you think of my week of chicken? We’ve loved it! I’m still thinking about tomorrow. Maybe we should go for bbq chicken? I just don’t know! As for my husband’s NEXT trip? Should we do a week of fish? What wacky food experiment should we try? Give me ideas! I have NO idea when it will be, but if I get ideas now then I bet we could be totally prepared!

I hope your cooking adventures have been awesome. Sorry I haven’t blogged as much – it’s just been insane! I’ve finished a quilt, got my garden going outside, made two costumes, and 2/3rds of the way through a third, and have taken two trips with two more still to go, read ten books, and absolutely lost my mind.

Oh and did I mention I’m trying to read 9 Harry Dresden books in May? I did the math. It’s like 3733 pages I believe which I figured out to mean I have to read 161 pages a day in my days home… I’m 150 pages behind for today so I’m off to read before bed. Good grief!

–Lady O