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Good morning everyone! It’s Halloween and that means it’s a spooktacular festival of a day! Everyone’s dressed up and we’re ready to have fun, right?

Maybe you are looking for a quiet activity, especially to recover from the hordes of goblins and ghouls knocking on your doorstep tonight. Studies are proving how beneficial coloring is, and I certainly enjoy it as a stress relief.  You don’t need to rely on apps today!

halloween pages

I bring to you a special round of Pinterest pins to lead you on a Halloween coloring extravaganza! It’s my Halloween gift to you! (If you want my previous post, I have a good mix of non-Halloween items.)

So your kiddies can have fun coloring with you!  Or maybe you just like this sort of thing. I don’t judge. In fact, I might be coloring this one myself.  It is great to be a kid at heart!

Unfortunately this one costs you money, and you don’t get it right away, but I thought it was still worth posting.

I defy you to hate on the cute witch owl!

SugarSkull Storm Trooper.  Do I really need to say more?

Hello Kitty Zombie! If you don’t know why I pinned this, you don’t even really know me.

It’s so pretty! I can see it colored now. In pastels.  Or maybe metallic. Or glitter! Always glitter!

It’s not Halloween without a haunted house.  I love haunts.  This one time a group of kids haunted our drama teacher’s yard for Halloween.  He turned himself into The Amazing Talking Head, Max Headroom style. That freaked out the kiddies almost as much as when we began to move with the strobe light going.

This pin leads to some really awesome printables.  Lots of “girly” sugar skull inspired items.

And, if you want something a little dark…

I hope you enjoyed this special edition Pinterest post. Happy coloring and Happy Halloween!  Feel free to link pictures of your finished projects in the comments – or your favorite Halloween coloring pages!

–Lady O