It’s a week of coloring fun on my blog, and so of course I must bring to you a round up of coloring themed options from Pinterest!

My printer is broken and I cannot seem to fix it.  Sadly, a new printer is not currently in my budget. That doesn’t stop me from preparing to print by collecting resources!

Here’s an interesting idea I never thought to color – maps!

The perky goth in me loves Day of the Dead and with my adorbs chihuahua, how could I pass up this guy?

Everyone loves mermaids:

I will always love fantasy:

Nothing is complete without Doctor Who fandom:

I found mandalas galore, but check out this Steampunk one:

And finally, I love things that inspire with a good message:

I keep finding amazing coloring pages to pin! No matter what you want, it’s out there.  Thank goodness I can collect these all while waiting for a new printer! My books won’t last forever.

Seen anything interesting on Pinterest? What’s new and catching your eye?

–Lady O

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