Yesterday, I wrote about the latest fad in stress-relief for adults, coloring! Is this something you enjoy to find peace?

I am not always around my art supplies, yet I find myself in a situation where I need some time to kill.  Regardless of anything else, I always keep my iPhone nearby, and often my iPad.

When the iPhone first came out, they bragged “There’s an app for everything!”  Now, there’s about a zillion apps for anything you could ever want to fill your time with during the day. Endless choices, endless possibilities.

If you enjoy drawing, I can’t say enough about the official Moleskine app. With the best notebooks for creative types, it should come as no surprise they produced an app. You get customizable basic covers and paper styles including: lines, grids, plain, storyboard, and a weekly planner!

That’s great for the truly artistic, but what about simple colouring pages?


Colorfy offers a good selection of pages, a base palette of color options, and support for sharing to all of your social media.  For additional fees you can purchase much better color shades and more pages.  I like that it saves what you’ve done for easy reviewing under, “My Works”.


Sugarskulls for the win! The perky goth in me swoons! Recolor offers less free pages, but a far better color palette. I love that when sharing, you can choose different textures.  Sharing goes through your device’s sharing menu.


ColorDiary does not organize their coloring pages into groups (or “books” if it helps you relate better) or colors into palettes.  You get what you get, and there’s a certain bit of simplicity there that I enjoy.

The good news, there’s plenty of options for on the go coloring.  You lose some of the zen of rifling through your physical colors as well as the act of actually taking the time to color.  This is simply tap and fill.  However, there’s the relief of easily removing a color if you do not like it.  I hate selecting the wrong color in markers!

There’s plenty more out there, this is just a look at what I’m using this week.  Feel free to post in the comments what you use and enjoy! Also, I’m happy to see your works, so feel free to share in the comments or tag me on your instagram!

Come back tomorrow to see my Pinterest coloring post.

–Lady O