OK, I’m thinking my camera is probably and most likely gone at this point.  It’s so big it has been found and is obviously not being turned in.  I’ve tried the bad side of this and even looked on ebay and craigslist.  Maybe someone didn’t mean to take it out of maliciousness, but the point is, it is gone and each hour makes it less likely to get back.

Please, feel free to keep the prayers going.  I know I will.  Thank you for your love and support.  I appreciate it.

I wish I could go out and replace this camera but I just do not have the finances to do it.  With looking at 1,000 dollars roughly, it’s just not likely to happen anytime soon.  Unfortunately this affects me in a bad way because I do use this to garner a little extra money.  Not enough to be able to afford indemnity insurance which I’m wishing for right about now…  *SIGH*

Thanks for passing the story around.  Thanks to all the people who have read the story.  Thanks to the couple of friends offering to donate to “the cause”.  I appreciate your love and support.

I will keep you guys posted in the original topic until something major happens.  Watch for edits.

With love,

Lady Ozma

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